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19th April 2014

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[Color photo of Poison Ivy in a Las Vegas t-shirt, wearing a crown like the queen she is]

[Color photo of Poison Ivy in a Las Vegas t-shirt, wearing a crown like the queen she is]

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19th April 2014


mouseborg said:

Why not a meat cleaver?

I prefer something with a longer range, but to each their own!

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19th April 2014

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Just remember. There is no such thing as a fake geek girl.
There are only fake geek boys.
Science fiction was invented by a woman.


Specifically a teenage girl. You know, someone who would be a part of the demographic that some of these boys are violently rejecting.

Isaac Asimov.

yo mary shelley wrote frankenstein in 1818 and isaac asimov was born in 1920 so you kinda get my point

It should also be noted that though Asimov didn’t invent sci-fi, when people went up to him and were like “Yo Isaac, you know you got no ladies in yer stuff” he was like “OMG I’M SO SORRY” and actually WENT BACK AND REWROTE some female characters and made sure to always add more women and make sure they were well developed characters from then on. You know, instead of being like “WOMEN DON’T BELONG IN SCIENCE FICTION.” So fanboys, one of your PRIMARY HEROES went out of his way to include women in his work instead of bitching about how people were “too P.C.” and I highly suggest you follow his very good example.

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19th April 2014

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dear friends, here is a brief psa


things that do not make you a man:

  • genital configuration

things that do make you a man:

  • inability to slay the witch-king of angmar

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19th April 2014

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If you are 35 or younger - and quite often, older - the advice of the old economy does not apply to you. You live in the post-employment economy, where corporations have decided not to pay people. Profits are still high. The money is still there. But not for you. You will work without a raise, benefits, or job security. Survival is now a laudable aspiration.

Quoted from Sarah Kendzior’s “Surviving the Post-Employment Economy

“In the United States, nine percent of computer science majors are unemployed, and 14.7 percent of those who hold degrees in information systems have no job. Graduates with degrees in STEM - science, technology, engineering and medicine - are facing record joblessness, with unemployment at more than twice pre-recession levels. The job market for law degree holders continues to erode, with only 55 percent of 2011 law graduates in full-time jobs. Even in the military, that behemoth of the national budget, positions are being eliminated or becoming contingent due to the sequester.

It is not skills or majors that are being devalued. It is people.”

Her work is frank, speaking of a reality I hope that will never be mine. At the same time, it gives me a strange comfort to know that I am not alone.

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I will always reblog this quote.  Hits way too close to home for me.

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The most salient part of this, to me, is the underscoring of the fact that there is no “right” college major where you’re guaranteed a job forever. Conservatives love to pretend college graduates working minimum-wage or freelance jobs just didn’t “pick the right major” - those foolish fools studied the arts or literature or something else frivolous, so they deserve crushing debt and no job security! No. There is no magical college major that will let you sidestep the jobless recovery.

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19th April 2014

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Now that I’m an adult I have to make more serious posts


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19th April 2014

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Vincent Price

Vincent Leonard Price, Jr. (May 27, 1911 – October 25, 1993) was an American actor, well known for his distinctive voice and serio-comic performances in a series of horror films made in the latter part of his career.

“It’s as much fun to scare as to be scared.” 
Vincent Price

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19th April 2014

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Martin Gore of Depeche Mode Wearing a HoodPhoto session for Flaunt Magazine
© Anthony Mandler/Corbis Outline


Martin Gore of Depeche Mode Wearing a Hood

Photo session for Flaunt Magazine

© Anthony Mandler/Corbis Outline

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19th April 2014

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how 2 get great cleavage: carry a machete

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17th April 2014

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the 1700s called……they want their clothing back. haha just kidding the first telephone was invented in 1876

a good post AND i learned something.  thanks tumbrl

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