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4th March 2013

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imagehauntedranch replied to your chat: Rowland: I WANT TO CLIMB THE BLINDS Gorgonetta:…

I love reading your ratty Rowland posts


The day before she gave birth, she fell off my desk.  I’d thought, “Surely a person as brilliant as Rowland is will not fall” and thus was being inattentive, but ha, I’d only adopted her a day before and I had no idea yet.

Fortunately, she fell on a soft spot.

Tagged: ow i apologize to all rowland s. howard fans for that terrible jokeshe was fine and the babies were all fine too it's okay nowbut it was awful at the time poor babbuhauntedranchrats really are lovely people

  1. cumaeansibyl said: I can’t decide which I love more, the posts where Rowland tries to do a thing or the posts where you talk about working at the institute where you keep all the singers in pens
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