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13th March 2013

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Peter Murphy Learns about the Library: A Heartwarming and Erotic Tale

“Give me Kit Kats, ladies, I’m Peter Murphy,” the angular, blue-eyed brunet said, gazing seductively over the portable stage light he held immediately under his chin.

"No, Peter Murphy," said the librarian sternly, "not until you can prove you are able to locate at least one item on our shelves about a current social controversy."

”What about…now?” said Peter Murphy, fluttering his long eyelashes seductively as he embraced a confused-looking, strong-jawed gentleman who had literally appeared out of thin air only a moment before.

"That’s certainly intriguing," retorted the librarian, "but unless that’s the beginning of a mime performance explaining where to find books about social attitudes towards homosexuality, public displays of affection are inappropriate in the library.  If you aren’t going to take the library scavenger hunt seriously, I’m going to have to ask you to stop kissing your boyfriend and leave."

"I’m not his boyf—"  The strong-jawed gentleman was cut off mid-protest as a complicated gesture from Peter Murphy caused him to vanish once more.  "Tell me, thou foul fiend," hissed Peter Murphy, "what must I do to acquire a delicious Kit Kat?"

"I’m glad you asked!" trilled the librarian.  "Just do a keyword search in our webpac, and bring me the title and call number of a book relevant to a current social controversy.  Then you can have a Kit Kat."

So Peter Murphy valiantly did battle with the catalog PC and returned shortly thereafter, shirtless and underlit, giving the librarian a sultry sapphire gaze as he languidly handed a heavily-scribbled piece of scratch-paper across the desk.  “Will this do?” Peter Murphy said in his most unctuous tones, erotically stroking his cheekbones with his fingertips.

"Seems legit," said the librarian.  "You can have your Kit Kat now, Peter Murphy, but please put your shirt on before continuing the library scavenger hunt, because students are required to wear shirts in the library at all times."

The End

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