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3rd May 2013

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Why in the name of Hypatia would I open a copy of Library Journal while eating my morning doughnut?  The first thing I saw was some dudebro—an “R & D librarian,” from an academic library, all of which sounds suspiciously like someone who never gets his hands dirty and who knows jack shit about the daily functioning of public libraries—lecturing the now-laid-off staff of a Vermont public library about how terminating their positions was actually a “brave” move on the part of the board, and a signifier that the Vermont PL in question is truly devoted to “keeping the library from irrelevance.”

The only assholes I hear going on about the supposed imminent irrelevance of libraries are people who think that “relevance” means high salaries (but only for administrators!), no actual work once you hit a professional position (certainly no crowd control and no contact with *shudder* elderly people, poor people, or POC), and wearing a three-piece suit and a shit-eating grin while you network with a bunch of assholes from the Chamber of Commerce.  I’m sorry that providing interesting, entertaining, and educational materials to the community isn’t sexy to you guys, or that helping elderly people with technology isn’t “relevant” to you, or that making sure a single parent trying to put himself through college has a quiet place to study isn’t what you think a library is for.  I’m not sure just what you assholes think a library is for, other than your own self-aggrandizement.

You say that pathetic schlubs like myself only pay “lip service” to change, but I’d like to see you assholes do more than pay lip service to the actual values and ethics of librarianship for once.  I’d like to see your definitions of “progress” and “relevance” actually come close to what the rest of society thinks those things mean, rather than, like Humpty Dumpty, making up definitions for words (you fauxbrarians wouldn’t know the reference—it’s from a book written more than ten years ago, so you probably had an underling weed it) and declaring that those definitions are now the official ones.  For that matter, I’d like to see you stop redefining a library as “a place where I go to earn more than the people who actually do the work, while getting tons of attention for being an ‘innovator,’” and librarianship as “a means by which I abuse the public trust for my own selfish interests.”

Why I thought I would find anything more than fauxbrarianship and mansplaining in a copy of LJ I really do not know.  My excuse is that I haven’t had my caffeine yet this morning.  (Yes, caffeine.  I know, I know—all the relevant librarians have switched to amphetamine.  Call me old-fashioned.)

Tagged: library journalfauxbrarianshiplibrarianshipmansplainingthis is what happens when we allow shitty rhetoric to be normalizedi wish the public were more aware of this stuffbecause they don't realize how libraries are run and how these decisions are madeand then they come to me and ask why there's no books in the nonfiction section and why haven't we replaced that beethoven concertowell shit like this is whythe public needs to be fucking rioting because staff cannotnot only do they not listen to us but they terminate us for raising dissenting opinionsin other words if you love your library please start asking questions and writing letters and raising hellthank u 4 ur time

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