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21st August 2013

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As the consort of the Terrible Heavenly Lady who evaded ritual sacrifice and dismemberment for the longest period to date, the mortal man known as “Budgie” has been elevated to the status of a deity.  Although depictions of him alone are rare, he is frequently portrayed alongside his divine spouse, albeit smaller in stature or otherwise positioned in a way that indicates his subordinate status.

Husbands pray to Budgie for guidance and protection when their foolish, lackadaisical behavior has exhausted their wives’ patience.  The date of his birth is celebrated annually on August 21st, in a ceremony in which the maidens of Lancashire, dressed in white and crowned with ivy, follow an effigy of Budgie borne on a ceremonial bier; the effigy is then cast into a ritual bonfire while the maidens weep and tear their garments.  At a signal from the rite’s officiant, the maidens begin shrieking, “He is risen!  He is risen!”, their joyful ululations gradually increasing in volume as they enter a state of sacred frenzy.  Citizens within earshot wisely lock their doors, as historical records indicate that men caught by the celebrants are immediately torn to pieces.

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