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2nd April 2013

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people who complain about boobs not looking perky and spherical with small, practically areola-less nipples are people who have most definitely never seen boobs outside of the context of porn because lemme tell u man boobs are diverse and lovely and if anyone ever says shit about your boobs u need to kick them in the shin and pour acid into their eyes (◡‿◡✿)

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12th March 2013

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Please understand that I can’t spend all of my energy trying to get well. With a short-term illness like the flu, you can afford to put life on hold for a week or two while you get well. But part of having a chronic illness is coming to the realization that you have to spend some energy on having a life now. This doesn’t mean I’m not trying to get better. It doesn’t mean I’ve given up. It’s just how life is when you’re dealing with a chronic illness.

An Open Letter To Those Without An Invisible Disability Or Chronic Illness


This is excellent. I wish people would understand that I am not my disease, but it does live with me as a permanent resident, so I have to acknowledge its existence and make appropriate accommodations. 

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“I read an article about a boy who had cerebral palsy and he hired a personal trainer and worked out like five hours a day until he was normal again.” 

that’s great, you just go ahead and arrange for me to take like a year off of my regular life, since after working out that much I’m definitely not going to be able to do anything else at all that day, or that week, and you pay for that personal trainer and make sure they have some experience with my condition so they don’t break me in half at the outset and you transport me to and from the trainer’s and also pay for the weekly follow-up appointments for the rest of my entire life so I don’t lose what I gained from a hell year of doing nothing but exercising and recovering from exercising and maybe reading a couple of books.

and maybe we can give it a shot. but probably not it sounds painful and tedious. 

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11th March 2013

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Goodbye Horses: Heart disease a 4000-year-old 'serial killer' →



The diseased arteries of ancient mummies are challenging modern assumptions about the causes of cardiovascular disease.

Whole-body CT scans of 137 mummies from different countries, cultures and lifestyles spanning 4000 years of history has found evidence of hardened…

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4th March 2013

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People who haven’t lived in a fat or otherwise pathologized body just don’t understand how horribly tainted and moved beyond its meaning the word ‘healthy’ is for me. I care about my well being and I care that you use that as a guise to eradicate me so you can look the way someone told you that you had to in a bikini this summer

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3rd March 2013

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Yesterday a guy came up to me at work was like “How are you ever going to get a job with all those piercings?”

I’ll say that again. 

A guy came up to me

at work

and asked “How are you ever going to get a job with all those piercings?”


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21st February 2013

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[Image: Typographic message depicted in pastel purple and peach: “I am forever working against a culture of shame.”]
It’s been a while. Here’s a thing I made for you!


[Image: Typographic message depicted in pastel purple and peach: “I am forever working against a culture of shame.”]

It’s been a while. Here’s a thing I made for you!

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25th January 2013

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The truth about The Biggest Loser




And if I had any more reason to hate The Biggest Loser, another one comes along. After reading THIS article, I am disgusted with the show and its trainers and producers. Absolutely disgusted. 

Read it if you have the time!

An incredible article. I really suggest reading it.


But I can’t say I’m surprised AT ALL.

Do read the article though.

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22nd January 2013

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A while ago I was drawing a picture of a girl and my friend asked me “Why did you draw them fat?”. I draw and create characters with multiple body types, including characters that are fat, although this particular one was just a little chubby. But I just told her “Because that’s the way she is”. My friend responded with “You’re weird”. No, actually, you’re the weird one, but unfortunately society agrees with you.

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17th January 2013

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Even past all the mods, They’re still human beings.<3



Let’s go through the list, shall we?

  • Stalking Cat was a computer programmer before he passed away earlier this year. He was Native American and trying to become closer to his totem animal. Through this, he helped pioneer all types of body modification and holds several Guinness Book Records.
  • Erik Sprague, aka Lizard Man, was a former PhD candidate. He has a bachelor’s in philosophy and is a performance artist: both through international side shows and as a music festival host.
  • Maria Jose Cristerna aka “La Mujer Vampiro”  (Vampire Woman) is the mother of four children and a fuckin’ lawyer. She started her transformation after getting out of an abusive marriage, and has talked out against domestic violence.
  • Rick Genest aka Rico The Zombie is a fucking international model, has more sponsorships than any of us could ever hope, and was featured in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video. Not bad for a 27-year old former homeless punk, I’d say.
I’m willing to bet you haven’t accomplished nearly as much as any one of these people. They’re not only heavily tattooed, but they’re also impressive as all hell in the “employed” department. But don’t worry about it—feel free to keep trying to make yourself feel better about your average life, average body, and average accomplishments.

Successful, employed, intelligent, body mod legends.

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9th January 2013

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[Cutesy pixelated sign reading &#8220;my body is none of your business&#8221;]

[Cutesy pixelated sign reading “my body is none of your business”]

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