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3rd July 2014

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midnightcthulhu said: yes HELO!!!is birb again, i back with more quest on! what it feel to be raptil with none of the fluffy fethers and no wing to do the fly??? instead have many hard scale and longs tailness that also scaley scaley?? what do with such long tail?


we do a many cool thing. all VERY private hoho not necesearly all SMOOSHY BLAP BLAP times with the lovelygoons, also has to do Hard Work lift e weights and moev about lots of Important Stones.

I  belave i am canfly


imagine how is Touch the Sky

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29th May 2014

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Temminck’s Tragopan Pheasant.

Look at its blue dangly thing! (wattle)

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21st February 2014

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FACT OF THE NIGHT:  owls are the smartest birds, able to speak over 22 bird languages.  most owls graduated top of their class at bird school, which is for birds

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9th December 2013

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Tired swimmer rescued in Finland

During the first weekend of November, a Finnish man was kayaking on a lake in a thick fog. He saw something floating in the water, and when he got closer he saw that it was a Northern Hawk-Owl. It was clearly exhausted and the man lifted it out of the freezing water onto the tip of his kayak. The owl then crawled to his lap for warmth and burrowed under his lifejacket.

Since his original destination was too far away, the man decided to head for a nearby art museum on the lake shore. Once there he was eagerly assisted by both visitors and a museum guide, who took the bird in to rest and dry up next to a warm stove.  At the end of the day the owl had recovered and was released back into the wild.

How the owl ended up in the lake in the first place remains a mystery. It may have got lost in the fog, or have been driven out to the lake by Hooded Crows (if a flock spots a predatory bird they tend to chase it away quite aggressively).

(This is my summarized translation of the article which is only available in Finnish. No copyright infringement is intended, only sharing this to celebrate the brave little owl and all the people who helped him.)

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4th December 2013

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song sparrow (x)

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2nd December 2013

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CROWS vs. RAVENS (and the Corvid family tree)

Crows and ravens belong to the family Corvidae, which also includes jays, magpies, rooks, jackdaws, treepies, choughs and nutcrackers; all collectively known as corvids.  They are considered the most intelligent of birds, and among the most intelligent of all animals because of their self-awareness and ability to make tools.

Crows, ravens and jackdaws all belong to one genus, Corvus.  There are actually quite a few species of ravens and crows around the world, but in the United States, most people use the terms “crow” and “raven” to refer to the American Crow (Corvus brachyrhynchos) and the Common Raven (Corvus corax).  Both species are black in color and have very similar bodies, so how do you tell them apart?

The easiest difference to spot is size.  Ravens are significantly larger than crows; if you’ve ever got up close to one, you’ve probably been amazed at how big they seem!  Ravens also have shaggy neck feathers, while crows’ lie smooth.

Crows are more likely to be found in noisy, populated areas, but ravens tend to prefer more secluded habitats.  Crows’ loud, repetitive caws are also very different from the croak of a raven.  Ravens also have a much longer lifespan than crows; the American Crow averages 8 years while the Common Raven can live to 30.(x)(x)

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21st October 2013

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[B/w photo of Siouxsie on stage in Paris, 1984, slowly becoming an owl.  Photo by Philippe Carly.]

[B/w photo of Siouxsie on stage in Paris, 1984, slowly becoming an owl.  Photo by Philippe Carly.]

An owl facing forward, with its head rotated at an improbable angle

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17th October 2013

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Hiroshige, Mandarin Ducks, c. 1830


Hiroshige, Mandarin Ducks, c. 1830

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1st October 2013

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[Animated gifs: an owl with flawless eyelashes is happy to be nuzzled by a human]


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21st September 2013

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today i learned domesticated talking birds that escape are teaching wild talking birds expletives that sometimes become that flock’s group call

can you imagine being out on a nature walk and randomly hearing a group of birds screaming HEY ASSHOLE

oh my god

A dudebro sees a woman walking down the street with her grocery shopping.  He steps towards her, invades her space.  The dudebro grabs his crotch and says, “Hey baby, don’t eat that, eat this!”  Suddenly the trees above him are full of the whirring of wings, and a hundred voices cry out at once, “YOU ASSHOLE!”  The dudebro looks up, then drops to his knees in terror.  It is the parrots.  The parrots are judging him, a sea of bright eyes amid green feathers, their gaze inescapable.  The parrots know.

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