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17th June 2014

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I need purple lipstick or blue lipstick to really complete that ~natural look

Psst—try Portland Black Lipstick Co.!

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4th June 2014

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King of the Zombie. Сemetery.
FOTO: Ilja Hubálek
Actor: Josef Rarach
FX Makeup: Vlad Taupes (studio FX Creator, Barrandov)

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29th May 2014

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Bosses admit they would discriminate against women not wearing makeup




(from 2013)

my boss explicitly told me that it’s lucky i femmed up before i started working where i do, because she probably wouldn’t have liked me in my former, butch state. like she straight-up told me that. with her words. to my face.

i work at a staffing/recruitment agency. my  boss is a recruiter. we are in the business of hiring people. 

So let’s talk about how the fact that it’s very specific forms of femininity that’s held up as ideal impacts the lives of women in every imaginable way.

And the thing is, while I support anyone’s right to be as femme as they want, I continue to be puzzled that white, conventionally-attractive women who like to present that way continue to claim that they do so in some kind of cultural vacuum—that they neither were influenced by culture in their desire to do so, nor reap any rewards from it.  Wear that “nude” makeup and cute-but-not-too-daring dress if you like, rock the hell out of it, but don’t go pretending that it’s magically set apart from everything else in society just because it also happens to make you feel good.

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25th February 2014

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merrywrath said: What is beauty? This question has puzzled scholars and scientists for centuries, but this afternoon while making a fresh cup of coffee I had a spiritual epiphany which answers the question. Beauty is when my lips are wearing dark red lipstick and leaving marks on an area of Blixa Bargeld which is only mentioned in whispers whilst fully aroused. Do you agree with the image revealed to me by heaven itself?

I think you’ll have to compete with a lot of people who thought it was their lips that should be leaving marks on Blixa Bargeld’s personal regions!

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22nd February 2014

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i want black matte lipstick that is so, so, so matte that it absorbs all light and, after a while, all matter, and my mouth eventually consumes and destroys the entire universe

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18th February 2014

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[Imageset: (Post)punks and their hair and war paint]


absolutely great

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1st February 2014

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[Color photo of Siouxsie putting on powder, c1977.  Photo by Simon Barker, from Punk’s Dead.]


[Color photo of Siouxsie putting on powder, c1977.  Photo by Simon Barker, from Punk’s Dead.]

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30th January 2014

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"I’ll bet you’ve got kind of a lovely face under all that paint."

Destry Rides Again (1939), above: Marlene Dietrich and Jimmy Stewart

She should’ve grabbed her lipstick brush and shoved it in his fucking eye

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30th January 2014

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[Eye makeup done in white, gray, and taupe]

[Eye makeup done in white, gray, and taupe]

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3rd January 2014

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Freddie hanging out with Boy George backstage at Fashion Aid, 1985.

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